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  1. 2009.06.03 Metamodel Oriented Programming
  2. 2009.05.29 SOA 관련 중요한 링크들
  3. 2009.05.28 Productive Programmer: On the Lam from the Furniture Police
  4. 2009.05.27 Introduction to SpringSource dm Server
  5. 2009.05.27 Building a Large Scale SaaS Application
  6. 2009.05.25 Distributed transactions in Spring, with and without XA
  7. 2009.05.20 Wavemaker
  8. 2009.05.19 공부해야 할 중요한 링크들
  9. 2009.05.12 RESTful한 웹 서비스 만들기
  10. 2009.04.22 10 Ways to Improve Your Code
2009.06.03 09:08

Metamodel Oriented Programming

Metamodel Oriented Programming

Posted by Jean-Jacques Dubray on May 26, 2009 01:00 AM

Model Driven Engineering ,
Methodologies ,
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2009.05.29 17:40

SOA 관련 중요한 링크들

RESTful Web Services

Patterns and Strategies for Building Document-Based Web Services

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2009.05.28 17:30

Productive Programmer: On the Lam from the Furniture Police

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2009.05.27 08:55

Introduction to SpringSource dm Server

In this presentation recorded at QCon SF 2008, Rod Johnson, the father of Spring, introduces the SpringSource dm Server by taking a high-level look at it, trying to clear up some misconceptions about what dm Server is, and showing how the configuration, logging and application installation work.
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2009.05.27 08:54

Building a Large Scale SaaS Application

Dan Hanley, of Magus, discusses the design principles, architectures and infrastructure of the SaaS frameworks used by Magus to rapidly develop and deploy large-scale, web-based, applications for clients. Along the way he discusses the components of their technology stack and the evolution of their methodology.

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2009.05.25 09:07

Distributed transactions in Spring, with and without XA

While it's common to use the Java Transaction API and the XA protocol for distributed transactions in Spring, you do have other options. The optimum implementation depends on the types of resources your application uses and the trade-offs you're willing to make between performance, safety, reliability, and data integrity. In this JavaWorld feature, SpringSource's David Syer guides you through seven patterns for distributed transactions in Spring applications, three of them with XA and four without. Level: Intermediate
필요할 날이 오겠지..
아무튼 좋은 내용이다.
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2009.05.20 09:02


상당히 흥미로운 툴인것 같다. 그런데 벌써 버전이 5.0.1이라니..
에서 관련된 글을 확인 할 수 있다.
그 동안 Hibernate를 이용하면서 격었던 불편함을 어느정도 해소해 줄 수 있을련지.

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2009.05.19 08:40

공부해야 할 중요한 링크들

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2009.05.12 14:49

RESTful한 웹 서비스 만들기

RESTful한 웹 서비스 만들기

REST와 RESTlet 프레임워크에 대한 소개

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2009.04.22 11:22

10 Ways to Improve Your Code

10 Ways to Improve Your Code

Posted by Neal Ford on Apr 15, 2009 03:14 AM

Best Practices , 
XP , 
QCon San Francisco 2008 , 
In this presentation recorded during QCon SF 2008, Neal Ford, an architect at ThoughtWorks, shows 10 ways to write better code. This is practical advice for developers, but application architects can benefit from it too. 

Neal Ford is a senior application architect at ThoughtWorks. He is the author of the books Developing with Delphi: Object-Oriented Techniques, JBuilder 3 Unleashed, and Art of Java Web Development. He is also the editor and a contributor to No Fluff, Just Stuff Anthology : The 2006 Edition and No Fluff, Just Stuff Anthology Volume 2: The 2007 Edition. 

About the conference 
QCon is a conference that is organized by the community, for the community.The result is a high quality conference experience where a tremendous amount of attention and investment has gone into having the best content on the most important topics presented by the leaders in our community. QCon is designed with the technical depth and enterprise focus of interest to technical team leads, architects, and project managers.

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